Project management and general planning

From the abstract to the concrete.

Project management is the core of professional construction management in the building industry. It allows processes and sequences of works to be coordinated in such a way that all objectives can be achieved.

The main task of project management is to take on functions of the client such as the creating and monitoring of organizational planning, scheduling and payment planning, and the coordination and monitoring of all parties involved in the project.

For the client, the planning and realization of construction projects involves a large number of tasks, demands, and services that are necessary for the project to be successful.

Our service areas

  • Project organization
  • Project management of all parties involved in planning and execution
  • Cost planning and cost control
  • Financial budget
  • Controlling
  • Scheduling and progress control
  • Contact with authorities

As the general planner, we undertake complete planning responsibility for your project, and by so doing we ensure its optimal success. The client will not experience any interface problems as a result. Our general planning is based on our decades of experience in planning, control, and execution.

Project stages

  • Project preparation
  • Planning
  • Preparation for execution
  • Execution
  • Project closure
  • Project support after handover

HI Bauprojekt GmbH stands for a consistent, company-oriented approach focused on our client. Our company procedures and business processes are constantly optimized in our clients’ interests.

We guarantee this with our integrated quality management system.