Rail systems

Always on the right track.

  • Streetcars
  • Spur tracks

The planning of rail systems has been a firm component of the service spectrum offered by HI Bauprojekt GmbH for many years. Our particular strength in this area is in building streetcar and spur track systems. For this we make good use of the close interactions with the local parties (engineering work, municipal traffic systems, traffic engineering, etc). Our clients in this field include transport services, transport operators, and road construction and public works departments.

Our extensive experience assures technically appropriate and efficient solutions in the area of rail-borne transport.  Demanding projects that we have realized in road construction form the basis for our wide knowledge of drafting, planning, and implementation.  

Because of the frequently central position of railroad construction in any traffic project, track planning and project management are generally performed as a single unit. Our engineers have many years of experience here with regard to the planning process, practical knowledge of adjoining areas of planning, and in construction, administrative, public procurement, and environmental legislation.