Renewable energy

Secure the future

A further distinguishing feature of HI Bauprojekt is its installations allowing the use of renewable energy. These include:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Geothermal heat
  • Geothermal heat
  • Heat pumps

Other areas

  • Rational use of energy
  • Process heat systems
  • CHP systems
  • Heat recovery
  • Use of rainwater

A model project for HI Bauprojekt is the village of Schlöben in Thuringia, Germany, which has been entirely connected to a local heat grid. HI Bauprojekt has taken on the general planning of the heat network and the broadband internet connection. The planning comprises:

  • Local heat grid
  • Combined woodchip-oil-fired heating plant
  • Biogas pipe
  • Setting up a combined heat and power plant
  • Broadband internet connection (optical fiber network)

For the use of renewable energy, the EPC Group was commissioned by the regional development body (LEG) for Thuringia to conduct a pilot study on the topic of “Energy-efficient communities - the example of Grossbreitenbach”. In this study, with the cooperation of the town of Grossbreitenbach, the typical supply requirements of a small town in rural regions was examined. The construction of a local heat grid throughout the location and of photovoltaic systems on open spaces (e.g. landfill sites) were the top priorities in the recommendations made by EPC.  Further projects in communities in Thuringia are planned for the near future.

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