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Topping-out ceremony of the new lab, office and technology building of Fraunhofer IKTS - institute part Hermsdorf

On 5th of December, 2012, the topping-out ceremony of the new Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) at Hermsdorf has been celebrated. On the premise adjacent to the current Fraunhofer IKTS, a new lab, office and technology building is under construction, with a total investment sum of 18 mill. €.

HI Bauprojekt GmbH has been awarded with the performance of the construction and load-bearing structure engineering.

Up until the topping-out ceremony:
- approx. 9,000 m³ excavation material have been moved
- approx. 3,500 m³ concrete have been poured
- approx. 500 t reinforcement steel has been interlaced
- approx. 500 steel columns have been poured
- approx. 250 m drainage pipeline have been laid down
- approx. 5,000 m empty tubes for electrical cables have been laid down
- approx. 1,500 m lighting conductor have been laid

This results in a basic structure of approx. 2,440 m² base area.
With this construction project, 3 storeys of a new research building with an actual surface of 5,740 m² (BGF) and a main use area of 2,775 m² for labs, offices and technology space for three strategic research focal points:

- new materials for reaction and environment process technology
- new oxide and opto-ceramic materials and components
- surface technologies for fibre system composites


Winner of the national competition „Bio-Energy Villages 2012“

On 14th of November, 2012 the Thuringian villag Schlöben has won the „Bio-Enery Village 2012“ award, together with the villages Oberrosphe (Hessia) and Grossbardorf (Bavaria). 41 bio-energy villages competed with each other for this prize that has been awarded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture . Each of the three awards amounts to 10,000 €.

In order to be allowed to participate in this competition, the participating municipalities had to proof that more than 50 % of their energy consumption would be covered by energy generated out of biomass from the respective region. Schlöben bio-energy production exceeds their own consumption. Moreover, it convinced the jury with their sustainable concept and the high level of commitment of the citizens of Schlöben. The cooperative of the citizens of the bio-energy village Schlöben e.G. that has been founded for this purpose alone, is cooperating closely with the municipality and the Agrarian Cooperative Wöllmisse Schlöben e.G.. By the gas yield of the newly constructed biogas plant combined heat and power plants (CHPs) are supplied via a gas pipeline with a length of about 1.4 km.

The waste heat that is generated besides of the electrical power, is supplied into a local district heating net with a length of about 4.8 km. The existing heating unit has been modernized and is now equipped with a heating center with buffers (30,000 l capacity in total) and wood chips boiler for the winter season with additionally up to 500 kW. At the same time, the village has been equipped with a viable broadband network (fiber-to-the-home), by using the trenches that had to be opened anyway.

From the concept to the start-up and supervision, HI Bauprojekt GmbH has been responsible for several project parts, such as district heating, biogas pipeline, broadband network, road construction, building engineering (heating unit) and plant equipment. The construction supervision services have been performed in compliance with the Federal Construction Regulation.

The awards ceremony has been performed during the exhibition „BioEnergie Decentral“ at Hannover.

Pictures from right to left: Jürgen Winkelmann, Andre Heise, Wolfgang Teich, Hans- Peter Perschke, Thomas Winkelmann, Sebastian Lorenz, Stephan Kühn

Presented by: Barbara Hahlweg (ZDF)

For more information, please go to: Press Release No. 343 (14th of November, 2012 and 266 of 21st of September, 2012)


Foundation stone laid at new Fraunhofer extension

"This project will see the construction of a new three-storey building with a parallelogram-shaped floor plan offering a floor space of 2775 m2. The additional floor space will accommodate laboratories, offices and technology areas for three research areas."

HI Bauprojekt GmbH will provide the complete structural design of the building.

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Einweihungsfeier TCF in Jena

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Baumaßnahme: „Rückbau und Erschließung“ im „Gewerbegebiet Blankenburger Straße“ (ehem. OFW GmbH) Rudolstadt-Schwarza

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First-Class Location: Technology Park South West „Jena21“

The old cement factory has been demolished. Now, at this industrial wasteland area the Technology Park „Jena21“ offers a lot of space for growth and development. On 13 hectares of first-class location with excellent traffic connection, interesting synergy effects are created for the local companies as well as for investors, especially because of the close proximity of the commercial area Göschwitz.

HI Bauprojekt GmbH performs the local construction supervision as well as the engineering services for the development of the local district heating and gas supply net. The new technology site „Jena21“ is subsidized with 66.4 % by the Free State of Thuringia and the Federal Republic of German from the joint program „Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure“.

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